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Central Vermont Localvores

(Localvore: Someone who eats only locally grown / raised foods)




 Ideas for local foods that could be available but aren't?

Visit the list we've started and add localvore options you'd like to see.



Have you taken a Localvore Challenge?

Please click here for a brief follow-up survey



The Central Vermont Localvores are one of many groups in Vermont and New Hampshire that support regular Eat Local Challenges. In an Eat Local Challenge participants agree to eat only foods grown within 100 miles of home for a day, week, or month. Some people make exceptions for spices and leaveners (like yeast). Some also take "wildcards" for non-local foods that life is miserable without. Coffee is popular.


  • Why 100% local foods? An Eat Local Challenge is a powerful learning tool for exploring the diversity of local foods in our region. It's a way to break from our routines and learn what more is possible. 



  • Where is local food sold? If you look, many food outlets contain local products. The Agency of Agriculture has a useful listing of farmers' markets, CSA's and farmstands. You can also join the Central Vermont Localvore e-mail list to get updates on harder to find products. 



    What does an all-local week look like? Click here to see a sample meal plan from a Challenge-taker at the end of July. A recipe database is available at the Mad River Valley localvore site. The Central VT Localvores sell localvore recipe cards as a fundraiser. A pack of 20 cards costs $5.50 ($5.00 if we don't have to mail them). Contact vermontlocalvores@gmail.com or stop by the Adamant Co-op.

The Central Vermont Localvores specifically sponsor an August challenge and a January challenge. We encourage everyone to SIGN UP if you want to participate (even if you take the challenge outside of the August or January months). An "official" sign up is anonymous and is VERY helpful for understanding how many people are interested in the challenge and how we can better meet YOUR needs. Sign Up Here. If you have already signed up with a different region, please don't re-register.


You can join our e-mail list, request more information, or join our group of volunteers by e-mailing vermontlocalvores@gmail.com.





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